101 National Rummy Enjoyable and Challenging

101-national-rummyHere’s a rummy game that asks you keep scores low and win cash!

Online card games are fun and when combined with the prospect of being able to win cash, they become irresistible. That explains the rising number of card games enthusiasts the world over. There are card games aplenty out there, but Rummy is in a league of its own. For one, it’s simple and is one of the oldest card games going around the world over – whether a card player or not, everybody would have tried a game or two of Rummy at some point in life. If you haven’t, well Ace2Three.com is a great place to get a first taste of the joy of playing online rummy.

The simplicity of online rummy is its biggest lure, and that it is mostly, if not primarily skill driven, makes it a favorite among card games players who flock to Ace2Three.com to take a shot at one of the four online rummy variants available – Points Rummy, Pool Tourneys, 101 National and the Multi Table tournaments.

Keeping the scores as low as possible playing the 101 National variant can be as enjoyable as it is challenging. Played with two decks of cards with four Jokers, it’s all about not letting your cards tip over the 101 points mark. A drop will push your score by 20 points, and middle drop adds 40 points to your score.

As a pure life is not mandatory, this variant of online rummy gives all the players a decent shot at winning cash than any other. Anything from 2 life sequences with a joker and 2 life/sets; all 4 jokers, all 4 pure life (straight sequence without joker for which the opponent gets a double score) to all 4 pure sets could be a winning hand. Check out  how to play 101 National rummy!

Of course you need to be a Premium Player to purchase and play with real chips (you can win them by participating in free roll tourneys as well). You can also choose to hone your skills playing free games as a Regular Player. So what are you waiting for? Sign up with your email id at Ace2Three.com and give yourselves the chance to win cash playing online rummy.

The best 101 National Rummy game experience at www.ace2three.com. Sign up now to play Rummy Online.

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