13 Card Games and 13 Interesting Things About Them

rummy cardsFind 13 card games interesting?  Here is some interesting information for fans of rummy.

13 card rummy – how did it come about?

13 card rummy is a popular variation of Indian rummy and is fondly called ‘Paplu’ by players. Just as Indian Rummy is a traditional card game for any occasion, 13 card rummy too has grown traditionally.

Details on 13 card rummy:

2 players play with a pack of 52 cards with just one joker. The joker is a random card picked from the pack and used to complete a sequence or set when the required card is missing. 13 cards have to be arranged into ‘sequences’ or ‘sets’. While a ‘sequence’ is a series of cards from the same suit, a ‘set’ is made by 3 or 4 cards of the same face value.

A sequence without a joker is considered a ‘pure’ sequence and makes your ‘pure life’ in the game. Atleast one ‘pure life’ is needed for a player to be call it a show. If not, all cards in the hand will be counted.

Rummy playing has evolved; the online rummy age is here!

Online rummy is fast becoming the new tradition. You simply log into sites such as www.Ace2Three.com and start playing. No hassle. Well, the rules again are not very different. So if you play rummy well, carry your rummy playing skills to the online platform and play rummy for free.

Get better at rummy playing…some Indian rummy advice:

  • Keep your eyes peeled for what cards are others discarding in the 13 card game
  • While playing online rummy or offline, be wise about discarding cards from your set
  • Winning online rummy is easy when you focus on making sequences as soon as possible
  • Use the joker in a high point card sequence and have a better card count in online rummy

Go ahead and try rummy online. The 13 card game is inviting you on the internet.

Calling all skilled hands…play rummy online for free and win every 13 card game!

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