5 Reasons to Play Rummy Online at Ace2three

5reasonstoplayrummyEverything is online today, be it booking of tickets or shopping or playing games. Playing cards once was the greatest source of entertainment. It acted as a binding agent for friends, family and neighbors. Rummy, the game of skills was the most commonly played card game. It never lost its charm and sentiments attached with it and when online rummy websites like Ace2three started its operations it filled the rummy enthusiasts with new joy. Playing rummy online was a delight for each and every Indian.

There are countless reasons to play rummy online however, below listed are a few of them

  • Today each one of us is so busy that we don’t have time to play. All we do is work, work and work and then the saying goes true “All work no play makes Jack a dull man”. Ace2three gives you the packet of entertainment, fun and relaxation in the mini break which we all can take to play a game of rummy while working.
  • The website has 4 variants of rummy namely points rummy, 201 pool, Best of X, 101 pool, 9 player rummy. Thus, the user can have quadruple entertainment at one website, Ace2three
  • The only website which provides you to learn the “game of skill” by playing instantly with a hassle free process. Ace2three offers 5000 free chips on the registration to play free games and 100% welcome bonus up to Rs. 1000 on the first purchase. Both the registered users and premium users are eligible to play various free roll and cash tourneys every day and win cash prizes worth 25 lakhs monthly and 7 thousand daily.
  • The game of rummy requires dynamic decision making and quick responsiveness from the player. The entire of feeling of playing and winning the game is satiating as the victory is not “by chance” but “by skills”.
  • Ace2Three brings the world class gaming experience with easy to use interface and demo videos for beginners to learn and play. Ace2Three offers 100% safe and secure platform for users to play Indian rummy for cash. With more than 2.7 million users, Ace2Three stands out as leader in rummy industry.

So don’t wait anymore, just logon to www.Ace2three.com and start playing now!! Register now!!

Play Indian Rummy Online

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