Ace2Three 2015 New Year Knockout Rummy Tourney – Win Up to 15 Lakhs

New Year Knock out TourneyAce2Three opens Online Rummy this New Year with a resounding drum roll!! Players can win upto 15 lakhs by playing online rummy in the grand New Year Knockout Tourney 2015.

Online Rummy tournaments at Ace2Three seem to ripple with sensation always and this New Year rummy tourney seems no different. Ace2Three has been leading the Indian rummy online game market for a considerable length of time now. The success of each online rummy tournament and other card game tables is evidence of the strong favour the site enjoys with card game players. Infact online rummy seems to have gotten a shot in the arm thanks to’s endeavours in making this game accessible online and enjoyable to players.

Coming to the 2015 New Year Knockout Rummy Tourney, Qualifier tourneys lead up to the Final Knockout New Year Tourney from 6 Dec onwards. There are a total of 6 Qualifiers for a total of upto 5 lakhs! These Qualifiers are open to 9000 participants and 1500 talented players will win a cumulative Rs.75,000 at each Qualifier. A superb line up indeed for players to generate adrenaline and keep it riding high till the knockout final tourney.

These Qualifiers are only a warm up and the Final New Year Knockout Tourney truly knocks the breath out of more than 1,00,000 players! 1,00,000 online rummy players will get lucky and win the total upto Rs 10 lakhs. It does appear that only a combination of talent and spirit that can keep rummy players winning till the end. To rephrase the old adage, fortune not only favours the brave but also the expert at Ace2three!

With this Final Knockout New Year Tourney, Ace2three once again intends to rock the online rummy arenas like it did in 2014. Rummy aficionados online apparently never tire of the tourney line up at Ace2three. In the words of Mr Deodhar, “I have participated last time at Ace2three’s New Year Tourney and will do so this time too. And I hope to win more than what I did last year. I have been watching and playing on this online rummy site all through 2014. And I am not getting off in 2015. That’s how attractive the site and its offers are.”

A sentiment echoed by many other players, Ace2three’s following is on an upward surge since inception. Site statistics suggest an increase in players across all tournaments as well as an increase in cash players, ie, serious players who play for cash and are extremely involved in the game.

In short, this New Year Knockout Tourney 2015 is the magic door opening an entire year of smashing tourneys for avid online rummy gamers. Ace2Three appears bent on breaking its records year after year and 2015 is bound to follow suit. The thrill is palpable in the air and eager players can access the tournament details at

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