Ace2Three Announces Rs. 1 Lakh Weekly Special Tournament

Saturdays will now be your one lakh day coz rummy brings you 1 lakh cash home!!

Rs. 1 Lakh Weekly Special Rummy Tournament will now bombard you with excitement every weekend!!

More than 5000 players will compete for the I lakh cash prize. Entry is free of course. And the Top 500 winners will be paid cash winnings. These whopping numbers and these superb cash winnings are a reality only on the leading rummy gaming site,!  If these stats have revved you up, don’t wait to check out the next Saturday Tournament dates on this rummy site.Win Cash Prizes

Infact, this very moment, the rummy hotlines at Ace2Three are buzzing with enquiries about the upcoming Saturday Weekly Special Tournament.  The dates are online on Ace2Three’s site too. Get the dates in advance, get cracking at rummy today and Win 1 Lakh Cash Prizes Every Weekend!!

The Weekly Special Rummy Tournament for Rs 1 Lakh is not the only one. In fact it’s raining rummy tournaments at!! There are six different varieties of rummy tournaments to cater to a wide variety of audiences. From card game connoisseurs to rummy beginners, every rummy enthusiast gets to compete with card games to win cash.

Cash Tournaments, Freeroll Tournaments, Special Tournaments, Acepoints Tournaments, Beginner Tournaments, Regular Freeroll Tournaments are the bunch of absolutely cool tournaments for every rummy card game loyalist!

Each rummy tournament here has a unique feature. Cash tournaments invite players to buy in based on real chip balance, Freeroll tournaments are an everyday affair, the Special monthly tournaments are for Rs.5 Lakhs and so on. For detailed information on each tournament and how it works for the rummy fan in you, click here!

In case you want to know what exactly rummy tournaments are, Card game tournaments are nothing but a race at playing cards. All players at the tournament tables begin with the same number of chips. After playing rummy for a given time period, the player who secures the maximum number of chips wins the game.

All these card game events apart, the Weekly Special Rummy Tournament has its own appeal. Not all card game sites offer 1 lakh cash every week, do they?! And that is the high point of the weekly tournament on! Winning a lakh in cash with card games every weekend is definitely worth dying/ playing for!

Come boost your bankroll this week with the Rs. 1 Lakh Weekly Special Rummy Tournament…click here!!

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