Ace2Three Player Testimonials

Freedom Tourney – 13th Aug 2016freedom winner

SRINIVAS POLAVARAPU – Tourney Winner (Rs. 70,550)

I won the 1’st prize in 5 lakhs Prize Pool Freedom tourney on 13-08-2016. I’m soo lucky… Thanks to

Happy to play at Ace2three! :)


rummy player - ace2three

Super Saturday Tourney – 9th July 2016

RAMA KRISHNA – Tourney Winner (Rs. 5,001)

Hie, This is Krishna & I won Rs. 5000/- on Super Saturday tournament.  I really enjoy the game when I play at Ace2three. Ace2three game is world class experience and I love the tourneys conducted at festivals.


Super Saturday Tourney – 9th July 2016

Ace2Three Player

MADHU JANGILI – Tourney Winner (Rs. 21,428)

It was the wonderful experience playing with Ace2Three Rummy. I had played with all other rummy sites but I didn’t like those but when I started playing with Ace2Three rummy I really liked it & enjoy the game. Thank you Ace2Three! :) 

Super Saturday Tourney – 11th June 2016

MAHESH AIDAM – Tourney Winner (Rs. 25,060)rummy player at ace2three

I am really very very happy regarding winning the first prize in a big tournament. Till now I did not believe this is a genuine site due to I never won a 1000 Rupees in any tournament. But now I am saying heartfully this is a real genuine site I ever saw. Once again thank u very much to Ace2Three.


Super Saturday Tourney – 11th June 2016

CHUKKA SUNIL KUMAR – Tourney Winner (Rs. 25,060)

My name is Sunil  and I am feeling very happy on winning 25,000 in the free tournament at Ace2Three. first of all, I never thought of winning but getting through the level by level I have finally done it. I suggest for those who love playing rummy online! :)

Read What Rummy Players has to say about Ace2Three – 


Really surprised to see the Winning amount Ace2Three is offering. It is really a genuine site for players. Thank you Ace2Three Team.


Great to win. No difficulties faced while playing tourney. I’m a longtime member here & hope to win a big amount.


I am not a very well player in the rummy game but I can play simply at Ace2Three, its very cool site. Thank you!

Weekly Special Tourney – 17th April 2016ace2three player winner

AJAY  JAGARLAPUDI – Tourney Winner (Rs. 1,500)
   Felt very happy on winning the tourney and finishing in 5th place, Thank u Ace2three! Happy playing…:)

Weekly Special Tourney – 23rd April 2016


DINESH TUMULA – Tourney Winner (Rs. 5,000)

This is pretty good website to play with money as well as games are good.Played games in this website and few days back I played a tournament here and  got 1st rank was really excited when i got it.




Weekly Special Tourney – 23rd April 2016

PHANENDRA KUMAR- Tourney Winner (Rs.1500)

I really thankful to Ace2Three. I won 1500 in special weekly tourney with free entry. I like to play more games on Ace2Three. Cheers!



Ugadi Special Tourney Winner – 8th March 2016

 EASWARAMOORTHY – Tourney Winnerplayer testimonial

As I am playing Ace2Three for past 8 years, I am very relaxed and happy playing it. I am earning extra income by playing rummy. As I have won 2500 on Ugadi special, my aim is to win next weekly tournament also.

Thanks for your wonderful support and services .. we are very pleased!


 Ugadi Special Tourney Winner – 8th March 2016player testimonial

 SURENDER REDDY – Tourney Winner

Ace2three is the best rummy website. Most reliable and user friendly application that    anyone can use. I am so happy that I got third place in Ugadi Sunday special tournament.



Weekly Special Tourney Winner – 20th Feb, 2016

talk2sreenu –  Tourney Winnersreenu (1)

Hi all, I am Srinivas. I thank Ace2three team for conducting weekend tournaments. I won Rs. 3500 in Ace2three weekend tournament. Thanking you Ace2three team – Srinivas


Rday Tournament Winner – 26th Jan 2016

jstnavi – Tourney Winner

Rday Torunay Winner

I started playing rummy in Ace2three just a week before and I didn’t expect to win to Rs.5000 this early. The tournaments provided by Ace2three are really good. I really love playing it. The customer service provided by the team is so helpful. I am looking forward to play more games and win more. I would suggest my friends to join ace2three. Thank you Ace2three for making my republic day a memorable one.Thank you Ace2three.


Weekly Special Tournament Winner – 26th Sep 2015

iamahero – Tourney Winner 

iamahero pic

I was very much thankful to Ace2three as I was playing this game from so many months, this is the 1st time to win this much amount…I would definitely recommend Ace2three for Rummy Players



Super Saturday Tourney Winner – 12 Sep 2015

tinkoo4514 – Tourney Winner

tinkoo4514Not only me but even my family & relatives are passionate about Rummy. I remember times where we use to play whole night long back to back Rummy games. Now , Thanks to* ace2three *for creating this online portal where we all meet again across the world on a table and enjoy this game together. It’s a brilliant place to tickle yourself and very simple to use for all age groups. Good work guys , a great potential ahead. All The Very Best.


Freedom Tourney Winners

Chhota2 – Tourney winner

Rummy Winner at Ace2Three


IDay greetings, First I would like to give thanks to for organize a wonderful rummy tournament. (Entry is free and prize is big) As a final winner of this tournament i am very happy and also my family and friends are very happy. It was my biggest win in any tournament in my life. I would definitely recommend this site for all rummy players. This site is most reliable and trusted site compare to any other rummy sites. Best website for playing games (Cash and free) and earning money. Thanks for providing such a great, reliable, and fair platform. *The “ace2three” has own software (.exe) file, another have not. That make more trustable and reliable as well as fair. Good graphics, great tournament structure, lots of game type, features, easy to play (discard option, show option are very clear). * * provides great opportunity for make money to rummy players. Its 1000% true, players show their rummy skills and winning cash prizes*. Heartly thanks to you..

World Cup 2015 Tourney Winners


Its really amazing and wonderful. I was very happy on winning Samsung Galaxy S 705 in World Cup Tourney. Thanks to Ace2Three team. It’s a great work. Its 100% trustworthy website to show your rummy skills and winning cash prizes.


this game very excitement because of how many ways thinkings coming from this game. From this website so many player playing game,so,so players profit from this website lastly i am very happy because of playing game this website and getting world cup runner. i played this type games so many websites but i didn’t get this type of thrilling and my point of view this ace2three site is one of the best in online rummy games .


I was so happy and excited when i was on final game of world cup tournament. Really, I couldn’t believe those moments but now it will going to be true the service rendered by your Customer Care Executives is excellent.


Biggest Monthly Rummy Tournament  Winners



I was so happy and excited when i was on 2nd place of free monthly tournament. Really, I couldn’t believe those moments. This game is really fantastic and mainly it is not money game but it is > mind power game. Finally I am really happy for taking 2nd place. It is amazing.


Thanks for the advance wishing me & small bonus. I am enjoying of ace2three game rummy. Nice monthly tournament arrangement.


I am feeling lucky to win the tournment which i played on saturday.When compared to other sites this site is fast accesible with even less broadband. Thank you for giving a chance to participate in this type of tournments.


i heart fully thanks to Ace2three for providing me this opportunity. The game rules are perfectly good which are conducted by Ace2three. I enjoyed a lot. I would like to convey my special thanks to Ace2three for conducting free tournaments and giving many purchase discounts..


i am very happy because i got 20 th rank in last Saturday special 500000 tourney … i will try to 1 st rank … i am feeling very happy..


Firstly, the service rendered by your Customer Care Executives is good. Regarding User interface while playing a game, the updation methods viz., at the end of every action of a user, such as winning a game, losing game, purchasing chips, while quitting game, everything is instantaneous. Why I am specifically mentioning these points is due to lack of such awesome performance in other card-game websites.

Player_test5th Prize Winner

At the outset let me thank u. As far as my playing in the Ugadi tourney was concerned, Just like as a seasoned Batssman(cricket game)would wait for a bad delivery from a bowler to hit,i also wait for GOOD CARDS TO PLAY THE RIGHT GAME. i play with lot of patience and take a calculated risk sometimes.

New Year Bonanza Winners

1st Prize Winner – polonaidupol

I am feeling so lucky for being the winner among huge number of players in the tournament. I was totally surprised and unbelievable at the moment. I thank Ace2three team for providing such a good platform for all players and wish all the good luck for your site too. Thanks once again for giving me this opportunity.

2nd Prize Winner – nokia2010

Actually i want to talk about ace2thre from so many days this is the right time to talk about this, i am playing ace2 three from past 5 years. it improved a lot. actually there is so many sites on rummy but no one is good than ace2three. it is simple and more friendly with players. so many players thinking that all this is cheating. and the winners r ace2three players. but i won prize in tourneys so many times. u i too lost so many. but win at most of times. at the time of start i see only 80-90 players playing but now its crossed 10000 people. because of no site will give this much of benifits to the players. i am so happy playing on ace 2 three.


Player Testimonials on Diwali The Maal Mega Tourney where Rs.10,00,000 Cash Prizes were distributed to the Winners.

1st Prize Winner – rajulava

First of all Thank you for giving an such opportunity by keeping this site for players. I never expected that I will get 1st prize because i was playing daily in Diwali Themaal and that was the last day to play in Diwali TheMaal but at last there was a small hope in my mind that i wiil win for not expected 1st prize.

2nd Prize Winner – bhonagiri

The games are good. The promotions are very good. The interface is good to play and I am love this game. The design and game functionality is amazing. Ace2three was a better experience site. I am very happy to win the Deepawali Final Tourney.

3rd Prize Winner – jaganedara

Hi all iam jagan i will played ace2three on 2nd nov”13 as big tournament i have got a 3rd place Really un believe that but finally I got it present my self very very very happy. And thanks to ace2three

Players who shared their experience on the Occasion

it’s nice to play in this type of tourneys in the i’ll also like to tell to my friends to join in and i have to tell to the other users who r playing in the ‘ Don’t disappoint guys u guys ll also get the chance because it is a good website to win the tourneys — v11421

I am very happy to play ACE2THREE also Now i won the Diwali Special tournaments in 10th place. Now i am VERY VERY HAPPY in the moments of Diwali 2013. So thanks to ACE2three Team. and also VERY HAPPY DIWALI TO ACE2THREE TEAMS.– csk1989

as far as i concern a23 is the genuine site available for online gaming in India. far superior than all competitors. genuineness, day to day changes by valuing players feedback are the only things keeping a23 top of all sites. hope you continue that.

i keep in mind only one thing while playing. fight till the end without losing confidence. wait for your turn and chance. game must give each player a chance. utilize it properly. win or defeat will be decided by the game means the God. even if you cannot get a chance till the end; means “”talarate bagaledu” leave the board. thank you for your token prize. i know it is not an amount. it is the genuine encouragement to players. thank you very much for your encouragement. – joshita6333

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