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Ace2Three’s nonstop special tourneys continue to create big opportunities to win cash prizes.  Earlier World Cup 2015 rummy tourney, and then Super Sunday Tourney and now it is time for Super Saturday Tourney which offers 2.5 Lakh cash prizes for winners.

As every tourney is running at its full capacity indicates the rummy fans interest towards special rummy tourneys. Each tourney’s 10,000 seats are fully filled and many have shown their eagerness to join the tourney by contacting the support team.

Ace2Three is always on top of competitors in understanding the players need and continued to excite the rummy players with multi table tourneys in different formats. Ace2Three 201 pool tourneys and 101 pool tourneys have now become player’s favorite tourneys where they have lot of opportunity to win big cash prizes.

Indian rummy is favorite card game in India, now these Indian rummy tourneys are dominating the card game sector. Ace2Three Super Saturday Tourney is also welcomes 10,000 participants, to show their rummy skills to win 2.5 Lakh cash prizes. Tourney will start on 28 March at 2PM with series of 5 Tournaments where Winners will qualify to next tourney.

Super Saturday TourneyAce2Three Super Saturday Rummy tourney will be free for Premium players, all they need to do is registering for the tourney and get ready on time to show their expertise on the rummy table to win. Regular players also can get free entry by making their first purchase.

If you are pro rummy player playing for free, it’s the best time to upgrade to premium player, As new players can avail 100% welcome bonus up to Rs.1500 on their first purchase and get free entry to special and daily Freeroll tourneys. Ace2Three’s high standards for security keeps your all transactions safe and secure and multiple payment methods allows user to choose their favorite transaction method with 100% security.

Super Saturday Tournaments Schedule

Level Time & Date Entry Total Prize Prize Per Winner Max Winners
Super Saturday 1 2 PM – 28 Mar Free for Premium Players Rs.50,000 Rs.25 2000
Super Saturday 2 3 PM – 28 Mar Winners from Super Saturday 1 Rs.62,500 Rs.125 500
Super Saturday 3 4 PM – 28 Mar Winners from Super Saturday 2 Rs.62,500 Rs.500 125
Super Saturday 4 8 PM – 28 Mar Winners from Super Saturday 3 Rs.37,500 Rs.1500 25
Super Saturday 5 9 PM – 28 Mar Winners from Super Saturday 4 Rs.27,505 Rs.5501 5
Super Saturday Final 10 PM – 28 Mar Winners from Super Saturday 5 Rs.9,999 Rs.9,999 1

Hurry! Registrations for the Super Saturday Tourney are open and seats are fast filling! Log on to Ace2Three Lobby and register to reserve your seat. If you are not premium player! Make a Purchase now and get free entry to the special tournament.

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