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get-premiumWith the evolution of rummy sites, players across the globe are enjoying the famous rummy card game. 13 cards rummy games always have a special place, though there are wide variety of card games. Rummy card game stands completely unique among all card games, as the game involves “Only Skill Not Luck”.

Most of the card games requires luck as well as skill but for Indian rummy, only skill decides winner. Remembering the cards discarded, making of sequences & sets requires special skill. As the game goes players has to change their strategies according the opponents game play.

13 cards rummy is completely legal to play in India, as the game requires skill.  Players can play rummy games not only for free but also for cash. It’s 100% legal in India.

Players who play games for free will have limited benefits in online rummy sites.  Free game players are limited to play with free chips and are eligible to only few Tourneys with low cash prizes. Free game players will have no returns, though they are pro rummy players. Winnings in free rummy Tourneys are very low, but these benefits will be high for cash game players.

Cash games players will have high cash bonuses and cash prizes in tournaments. When players make a successful purchase, immediately they will be eligible for all the Premium Tourneys which offers high cash prizes. Not only tournaments, pro rummy players can also win cash while playing Rummy for cash. India’s no 1 rummy site, offers Tourneys with no entry fee for cash game players where winners will share lakhs of cash prizes.  Not only free rolls, with minimum entry fee, cash game players will get entry to Special Tourneys, where they can Win 5 – 10 lakh cash prizes. Special rewards, Privilege customer support and bonus are added to those players on regular basis.

Ace2Three conducts Beginner’s tournaments for New Cash game players with 5,000 – 10,000 cash prizes every day so that players can play these Tourneys for limited period and transform into pro rummy players.

Don’t wait! If you are playing for free, make a small purchase and start playing rummy for cash. As special offer Ace2Three now offers Rs.50 Extra and 100% Bonus on your first purchase up to Rs.1000* Special Bonus.

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