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 Online card games are the rage today. Everyone with an internet connection and a skilled hand is playing games online and breaking all the conventions now. But did you know that online rummy or online pool or any other online card game have had an interesting history?

A look at the evolution of card games:

The History of Card games says that card games will never go out of vogue. The earliest card games may have originated in Central Asia and they have since spread across the world at an awesome rate. Europe has its variety of card game versions from the British favoured Cribbage, French Tarot to the German Skat. It is  the USA that has popularised Bridge, Poker and Gin Rummy. Historians suggest that Rummy could have originated in North America as well.

Coming to Indian card games, ‘Taash’ is the word. Akbar and Birbal could well have bonded over a game of rummy for all we know.

Card games in the present:

Whatever history says, card games are popular amongst all age groups today.  And since the government has declared that rummy is a game of skill, there is little that can stop an interested player from it.

The internet has changed the card game scenario taking it to a sweeping new level. You only need a little practice and are good to go.

Online rummy sites today are highly popular and are designed keeping user friendliness in mind. Irrespective of how computer perfect you are, you can play your favourite rummy variety anywhere, anytime and with any number of people.

Future indeed seems promising for online card games!

Well, online card game companies are exploring more user friendly and engaging ways of the game. You may play the mobile and internet versions today and win cash aplenty today. But tomorrow is a new day. The anticipation is quite high that online rummy will become much better and open more chances to win online cash.

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