Desi Indian Card Games to Play This Diwali!

This Diwali, try your luck with some interesting and exciting variations of card games – matha (forehead), Blackjack, AK47, Bullshit and much more…they have caught the attention of every player – new or experienced, young or old!

card games diwali

The traditional card games – Teen Patti and Indian Rummy always wins when it comes to playing card games on the occasion of Diwali. These two games have been played around for years and bring family and friends together on the festive seasons.

But you can give it a try with other options of card games to give a little twist to your mood. Here they are –


Any number of players can play this game and one need to get rid of all his cards to be the winner of the game. The game starts with throwing a set of cards in the middle of the table either by bluffing or by throwing genuine cards. If any of the players suspects the cards genuineness, he/she can count on the player by saying bluff or bullshit & ask them to show their cards.

If the cards are a genuine set, the player who suspects will take all the cards from the discarded pile. But if the cards are not genuine but the bluff one, all the cards will be added to the player’s hand who bluffed it.

AK47 –

This game is a variation of famous card game Teen Patti where Ace, King, Four, and Seven is considered as Jokers and is used as a substitute to complete the required set.


A famous game in American casino & has recently gained popularity in Indian gaming industry. In this game type, the player plays against a dealer and 2 cards are dealt to each one of them.

The best possible hand of a blackjack is “Ace” and with any 10 point cards, where Ace is considered to be 11 points. This is called as “Blackjack” or natural 21 and the player with the card value of 21 or less than 21 wins the game. Point value above 21 will be disqualified.


A game which is totally based on your guessing skills. Each player gets 1 card & without seeing it, the player needs to put this card on his forehead so that it is visible to other players.

The game is to guess your own card by asking questions to other players & in return they can answer only yes or no. For one round of the game, every player gets a chance to ask one question. The suspense makes the game more enjoyable and the first one to guess wins the game.

Wrapping Up -

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