Diwali Rummy Tournament – 2 Winners List

Day by Day Ace2Three Diwali Rummy Tournament is attracting more players with its unbelievable cash prizes. Ace2Three’s Diwali “The Maal”, biggest rummy tournament in the history of online rummy with 20 Lakh Cash prizes to winners, started from 23rd October to 2nd November. The grand finale of Diwali  “The Maal” carries a whopping cash prize of 10 Lakhs.

Mean while the Daily Diwali Rummy Tournaments are getting great response and the tourney is getting full and players competing to win Rs. 1 Lakh Cash prizes every day. Diwali Rummy Tournament 2 which completed yesterday has 1800 players where the top 100 Players won cash prizes!

Here is the Top 10 Winner list of Diwali TheMaal Tourney on 24th October 2013

Diwali Rummy Tournament – 2  Winners


User Id



1 kavimem 9999 1
2 kishkumb674 5001 2
3 gambler77 2500 3
4 doace 1500 4
5 rams486 1500 5
6 senthu555 1500 6
7 taarun21 1500 7
8 ymr9 1500 8
9 sivaavissiva 1500 9
10 karrie 1500 10

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