Diwali Rummy Tournament 4 – Top 100 Players Won Rs. 1 Lakh Cash Prizes

Ace2Three, India’s biggest rummy portal continues to bring you the biggest Diwali Festive season with biggest rummy tournaments. The Diwali “The Maal” rummy tourneys started from 23rd October offering 1 Lakh cash prizes every day until November 1st. The  10 Diwali Rummy Tournaments will give rummy players a chance to win Rs. 10 Lakh Cash Prizes.

The biggest day in the history of online rummy will be November 2nd 2013 Diwali Rummy Tournament finals where 10000 Players will compete to win 10 Lakh Cash prizes. The Registration for the Diwali Finals are open and the seats are getting filled very fast!. If you are not yet registered! Don’t wait any more, Register now!.

Diwali Rummy Tournament 4 Completed yesterday, the slots for the tourney is completed and Top 100 Players won Rs. 1 Lakh Cash Prizes.

Here is the Top 10 winners list of Diwali Rummy Tournament 4


User Id



1 adhwin 9999 1
2 nspb 5001 2
3 luckey9985 2500 3
4 gunni40 1500 4
5 boyapcha 1500 5
6 saravanantta 1500 6
7 ritesh0120 1500 7
8 battula072 1500 8
9 srinivas48 1500 9
10 krishseshu 1500 10

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