Do You Like Indian Rummy? Join, Play & Win Cash!

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Are you a Rummy fan? If yes, please read on.

Well, Rummy players have existed for centuries and Rummy as a game has a long and interesting history. No wonder it’s a popular socializing game preferred for the ease as well as cash winnings. You most certainly know all this but do you know how to make your game pay?

Here’s a good strategy.

Choose a reputed online rummy gaming site. is a good option with its robust fair play policy and excellent online rummy gaming facilities.

Now, the approach is simple. Begin with playing free rummy. You can secure a fixed number of play chips and join any table to start playing as a Regular Player. This is a free game, so clearly there is no cash involved.

Then, how do we spice up the game?

By playing rummy with cash obviously.

Once you think you have sharpened your rummy gaming skills online as a Regular player, you could choose to go up one level. Register as a Premium Player and purchase real chips. The site even offers you a Rs.500/- incentive for signing up as a Premium Player. You will also earn AcePoints and can enter into Premium Freerolls where cash prizes can range between Rs.10,000/- to a whopping Rs.1,00,000/-

Some people do know how to please their customers no doubt!!

Once you enrol as a Premium Player, its premium treatment you receive! You can participate in Points Rummy, Pool Tourneys, 101 National and Multi Table Tourneys. All these tournaments are open to a large number of players and you will be setting yourself up against stiff competition with rummy masterminds. Now, isn’t that exciting?!

Playing Rummy as a Premium Player not only gives you good hands on exposure to game tactics but also lets you play and win cash. All you need to do is to redeem cash chips and the amount will directly gets deposited into your bank account. So there, you now know how to play rummy and win cash!!

Go ahead; Check out for some exciting offers and superb rummy!

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