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Download rummy from and enjoy rummy like never before because… will be using the NEW Advanced Gaming Software! The gaming software is the latest version of downloadable rummy and is sure to give you an unparalleled experience in terms of speed, strategy and pure unadulterated card gaming!

First things first, before you begin downloading rummy, you will need a system with a proper configuration. (System configuration needed for downloading available at

Once your computer satisfies this criterion, you can click on the Download button available at the same link. This is the huge orange button prominently displayed so you can’t miss it.

While your rummy game downloads, you could register yourself on the site as you will need a Nick Name and Password to play. Though it’s a downloaded version, you will still need to connect to the internet so that the site recognizes you and makes it possible for you to play.

Other things about the rummy download:

Download rummy and play; enjoy the best of rummy right at home each day!

The downloadable rummy game is compatible with most versions of windows. The one other thing that you need is a flash player which is also available for download from

For a hassle free rummy download, Step by step instructions are available at the site. The link Download Rummy gives you detailed instructions for downloading rummy and installing it. Designed to be understood by anyone irrespective of computer proficiency, these visual instructions point out exactly what to click.

Once you follow the instructions and click on the final ‘Finish’ button, you will find either an icon on the desktop or a listing in your program list to the downloaded rummy game or both. These are the shortcuts to accessing the rummy game on your computer.

Troubleshooting while downloading rummy:

In the event of Installation Issues or if your application crashes frequently, there are separate sets of instructions available at the site for you. With such assistance it is indeed difficult to stay away from rummy downloads!

Download rummy Game now…the advanced gaming software makes rummy here better than the best!

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