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Indian rummyIndian Rummy as the name suggests is the Indianised version of the Rummy game. While the game did not exactly take birth in India, it has fared extremely well and has been well adopted, adapted and loved!

The typical 13 cards, two decks, jokers is the usual formula for Indian Rummy too. And if you know Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy, you will probably realise that Indian Rummy can easily be considered a cross between the two.

The deal is where the game begins with each player dealt 13 cards. The stock cards are left face down on the table and the discarded lot lie face up. Now draw and discard are the two important incidents in the game.

When a player picks a card from the stock pile, it is considered a draw. And when a card is chucked into the discard pile, after the player considers if it will fit in with his cards, it is called discard.

The goal is to complete the hand by melding cards into sets and runs. The winner must show atleast two sequences, one of which must be pure. The winner has the ideal meld where there is no deadwood – cards which do not fit into either a set or a run.

If that is how card lots need to be arranged to win in Indian Rummy, let’s see how the scoring is accomplished.

Aces and face cards have 10 points assigned to each. Jokers get no points. The remaining 1 to 9 cards score according to their value. And deadwood is what makes you dead. You score negative on these cards.

In fact the winner gets the cumulative deadwood count as a positive addition to his score. And ye, he or she also has the honour of dealing the next game.

Simple and sober. That is how one would want to sum up on Indian Rummy after reading all this.  And if you are eager to get on with the game, log on to, the best online rummy site!

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