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play-card-gamesPlay 13 card games and you will realize 13 isn’t an unlucky number after all.

Rummy and the other 13 card games all make one feel good about the number 13. Though considered inauspicious, this is the number that makes games like rummy so interesting.

It’s common knowledge that the card deck has 52 cards and each suit has 13 cards. These suits are all jumbled before they are dealt. Each player gets a set of 13 from this jumbled lot which they need to arrange as per the rules of the card game.

Interesting games like rummy are all 13 card games. One card keeps moving away and into the set and each moving card brings you that much closer to success or takes you those many cards away.

Now all 13 card games do not operate like this. There are variations in card games online. If you have tried multiple options, you will realise that game strategy, cash winnings, competition all vary with each game. Which is elaborately explained at

That there is so much variety is both a plus and a minus. A plus because you can choose the form of entertainment you need, be it rummy or solitaire or whatever appeals to you. A minus maybe because you need to be abreast of a plethora of games, their individualized rule sets and other nitty gritties. But whatever be the perspective you wish to adopt, 13 card games definitely have an edge over other online games.

The tension is not the edgy, heart problem inducing one and the game is not exceedingly unpredictable making these online card games a better choice over other adrenaline high games.  Given time and shrewdness, anyone can try to make it big in 13 card games.  One of course needs to exercise discretion when faced with losses. People who plough on inspite of continued defeat will certainly do better to give up and practise free card games before hitting the real cash tables. Practise being a key feature of achieving success in 13  card games or any  other such games, it is highly advised that players take to practising before investing.

All said excitement is quite high in 13 card games if you are choosing!

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