Go for a Rummy Game and Win Cash Online Now!!

play rummyWinning cash online in rummy has never been this simple!

Winning cash online is simple if you are smart and know a few winning rules. Yes, we are talking about cash winnings in rummy games.

There may be a hundred different ways of making money online. But suggest one that gives you an adrenaline gratification? Pat comes the reply – ‘Online Rummy!’

How to win cash in Rummy:

It’s no rocket science. The simplest rule of winning good money is knowing the rules of the game. The Rummy Rule book at www.ace2three.com makes an interesting read.

Rummy variants for you to choose from:

There are four exciting Rummy variants to choose from: Points Rummy, Pool Tourneys, 101 National and Multi Table Tourneys. Choose one you are comfortable with and win cash in no time.

Points rummy is straightforward and at the end of the game, Number of Chips added to Winner = [Sum of Counts of other players X Bet Value] – Ace2Three Commission.

Pool Tourneys require the player to keep the score as low as possible for each game.  If the total score reaches or goes above 101/201, the player is eliminated and the last player remaining wins the game. 101 Pool, 201 Pool and Best of 3 are the three Rummy options available here.

101 National again is where a player with the least score at the end is declared the winner.

While all the above mentioned variants are an everyday affair on www.ace2three.com, the Multi Table Tourneys are held regularly to accommodate more player volumes.

There are Jumbo tournaments and Regular and Premium Free Roll Tournaments for anyone interested to participate. Often advertised on the site and over the www, these Tourneys are definitely hard to miss.

The general rules of participation, duration, elimination, re-buy and fair play are given in great detail on the site. If you wish to participate in a Tournament, click here. But before you do so, do go through the details provided on the site.

Get going now… Rummy Tourneys waiting for you to win cash online!!

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