How to Play Cards Rummy Online

cardsKnow how to play cards rummy – no need to look elsewhere!!

Playing rummy is the most familiar of pastimes. From rainy days to train time pass, card games and especially rummy continue to be a national favorite. How good you are with Rummy is what makes the difference.

Knowing how to play cards rummy like the back of your hand certainly gives you an edge. Especially if you are the kind who takes delight in winning cash prizes by beating your opponent at the game.

Internet rummy has made playing the game more interesting of course. And the rules are the same too. Yes, there may be a few variants, but that too is easy to address. Simply go through the Rummy site of your choice, learn the variants the site offers and you know how to play cards rummy on the site! Simple isn’t it!?

For example, let’s look at the rummy variants on, a leading card game site.  This site offers four variants:

  • Points Rummy: this is a done deal game where winner secures chips from the rest based on the count and bet value. Number of Chips added to Winner = [Sum of Counts of other players X Bet Value] – Ace2Three Commission. You can have a joker or no joker game with 2 to 6 players. The bet value can be high, medium or low
  • Pool Tourneys: This game is also known as “Syndicate”, where the least scoring player wins. If the total score reaches or goes above 101/201, the player is eliminated and the last player remaining wins the game. Options here include 101 Pool, 201 Pool, Best of 3 and Best of 2
  • 101 National: is played with two card decks. Player with the least score at the end is declared the winner
  • Multi Table Tourneys: these are ongoing rummy tournaments where players begin the game with an equal number of chips. Knowing how to play card games is the only way to win here because the player who has the maximum chips at the end of the specified period wins!

Got the explanation right? Go ahead, play rummy and win cash on!

You will win your card game because you truly now know how to play cards rummy!

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