How to Use Joker Wisely in the Indian Rummy Game!

rummy joker set

Understanding the Term Joker –

Every deck consists of 52 cards in the pack with 2 more cards i.e. Joker as printed on them. There are different types of card games & depending on it “Joker” has its own rule to follow. In a game of rummy, Joker is considered as a wild card or replacement card and every player should know how to form a set with Joker intelligently.

Joker is given the utmost importance in the rummy game as it increases the chance of winning by two folds. Understanding about the term Joker is not enough, one should know how to meld the group by re-arranging the cards and complete the game at the earliest.

While arranging the 13 cards into 4, 3, 3, and 3 group; there should be at least one pure life. A pure life is the sequence of at least 3 consecutive cards of the same suit.

Example of Pure Sequence –

pure sequence

Types of Joker in Rummy –

Let us understand the role of Joker in the rummy card game. The basic rules of the rummy game are same for every game type but there are two types of Joker which need to be understood carefully. They are –

Printed Joker –

In every deck of 52 cards, there are 2 more cards in the pack with Joker as the printed one. This is called the printed joker and is used to complete another set after a pure sequence is done.

Cut Joker –

In online rummy, cards are shuffled through random number generator and 13 cards are dealt to each player. After the cards are dealt, one card is taken out randomly from the closed deck and is considered as the cut-joker for the game.  Remember, all the cards with the same rank will be cut-joker for that particular game irrespective of the suit.

 How to Meld a Group with Joker and Cut-Joker

Prior making a set with Joker, a player must have 1 Pure Sequence – a mandatory set to be in the game. Once a pure life (Straight Sequence with no Joker) is done the next aim should be melding a group with Joker or cut-joker.

Example 1 – 

rummy sequence joker

Example 2 – Here 5 is a cut Joker.

rummy sequence

Summing Up –

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