Indian Rummy – Why It’s A Game of Skill?

Today, let’s talk about popular card games to play which is 100% legal but people often confuse about its legality. When someone talks about Rummy, the first thing that pops-up in the mind of non-players is “Gambling” and “illegal” to play. Well, I’m very much against of this statement that Playing Rummy is illegal & it involves gambling.

Indian rummy  skill game

  • Rummy doesn’t come under betting or gambling.
  • Rummy is Legal to play.
  • Rummy is a skill based game where players show their real-time skills at the table by arranging the 13 cards in the valid sequences or sets.
  • Rummy unveils that Skill is a predominant factor than Chance.

To master the game of rummy, it requires hours of practice, watchful eye & guessing opponent’s cards & how to make the best sequences of 13 cards dealt to you. And this skill comes only with experience and hours of practice.

Yes, Chance does play a role in every card games & this factor comes only when the card is shuffled. In fact, in all games in which cards are shuffled and dealt out, there is an element of chance, because the distribution of the cards is not according to any set patterns but is dependent upon how the cards find their place in the Shuffled pack. But to arrange these 13 cards in proper sequences of 4 groups require a certain set of skills as these 4 groups should be a Life or set to make a successful show. The player making a first successful show will be the winner of the game.

Let’s See Why Rummy is considered as a Game of Skill?

  •  To understand this concept – “Rummy is a mere game of Skill, but not chance” one need to know the basic rules of rummy and how to form a particular sets or sequences to win the game.
  • When 13 cards are dealt, the player needs to form a set of valid sequences with one pure life as a mandatory set.
  • The main factor that contributes to winning the game is your skills. Your skills come into picture when you have 13 cards in your hand and there you need to arrange your cards in the best final way.
  • Being a Game of Skill, Rummy online has been declared 100% legal to play except for few Indian states like Assam, Orissa, Sikkim and Nagaland.

Hence, Rummy doesn’t come under betting or gambling. The game is based on your skills & is absolutely legal to play. So, why waiting? Fall in love with Online Rummy by simply playing free and cash games at Ace2Three – India’s No.1 Rummy Site.

Wrapping Up –

The reason why Indian Rummy games are popular is because of its Accessibility i.e. you can play 24*7 online rummy anytime and anywhere. The final word – Game of rummy is not a game of entire chance, it is mainly and preponderantly a game of Skill.

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