Indian Rummy, Ace2Three Choice of One and All

indian rummy onlineIndian rummy is what suits the Indian taste palette best.

Indian rummy is not the only entity sold with the ‘Indian’ tag. We find quite a few products and services promoted as Indian in nature and essence.

But the thing about Indian rummy that makes it authentic is its history. Rummy was not born in India but has taken root here several centuries ago. Mughal paintings depict Emperor Akbar playing card games with his courtiers. The common and probably true assumption is that it is the Indianised version of Rummy.

It has been given an Indian pet name; ‘Taash’ or ‘Taj’ and Indian rummy has come a long way from the Mughal courts. Finding acceptance and popularity across India, Rummy has evolved into several localized versions.

The commonly accepted one is found in casinos and internet card game sites across the country. The rules are mostly similar with slight variations across geographies.

Indian rummy is as popular online as it was and is in real time. Quite obviously, it does not belong to the league of games which fade away as fads never to be remembered again. With its roots way back in Indian history and present popularity, it is not difficult to predict its future trend.

The USP of the game is that it combines entertainment with cash prizes. That fact that you can win cash while playing a card game is a gripping one and people are pulled to the game easily.

Given the large numbers of people who are attracted to the game, card game sites have mushroomed and there are quite a few that are doing well. One of the best online rummy sites offering as smashing a game as the cash winnings are. This site has several firsts to its credit and the highest cash prizes ever offered online are by this site.

Not just that, customer loyalty is strongly evident from the number of registered players which keeps increasing! After reading all this, if you can’t resist it anymore, go on and play cards online at! has the right recipe for Indian rummy! Go for it now!

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