Indian Rummy is an Intriguing Version of Rummy indeed!

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Indian rummy is usually taken for granted because people believe it originated in India. The name does not excite much curiosity. But did you know that Indian Rummy was not born in India at all! It is only a variant of the original rummy and rules differing slightly from the original card game. Some think it is a combination of 500 rummy and Gin rummy. Whatever be the origin, rummy is a popular card game across India and the online as well as offline versions are quite popular.

Indian rummy allows two sets of consecutive cards or three or four of a kind with no duplicate suits. If you want to make a winning hand, you must make at least two sequences and one of these sequences must contain no jokers.

The simplicity and straightforward nature of the rules makes Indian rummy easy to learn and play. For many Indians, Rummy is a common game played casually as well as on most occasions. Indian rummy amongst adults is usually played with cash and for a cash prize.

As a game of skill, Rummy has won over quite a following. Competition in an Indian rummy game involves honed-to-perfection skill sets, knowledge of the game and constant alertness. The combination of all these makes Indian rummy an exciting affair!

In recent times Indian rummy has gone online and the statistics are quite encouraging. The fervor for the game has been carried forward on to the Internet and players swear that Indian rummy gets better when it’s played online.

The rules for Online Indian Rummy don’t change much. Only the setting in which you play changes. The number of players dealt a hand is determined by the site offering the rummy game. Everyday rummy games are played by people across the globe and for varying amounts. The sheer scope of online rummy is quite astonishing when you notice the number of players, their range of skills, the heights of cash investment or the geographical spread. In all perspectives, online Indian rummy is indeed a game of thrilling proportions.

Detailed explanation of the game and the rules is usually available on the site for a player’s reference. When it comes to commercials, most online rummy games have automated payment mechanisms. The same system facilitates cash winnings to be transferred into players’ accounts. This kind of convenience adds to the appeal of online Indian rummy. packages all these facilities with some smashing tourneys. The Diwali The Maal Tourney is one such awesome Tourney with a Ten lakh cash prize! Click here to know more about it!

What’s so special about Indian Rummy?
– Excitement when you wait for that one card
– Wishing that no one else progresses till u get that one card
– Tradeoff between a useless high card and a useful low card
– When u have a joker and forget the joker and throw it….stupid situations
– If u r in a hurry…u may slip and let one card fall revealing your game
– When u deal cards and open a joker for your opponent

Indian rummy is indeed breathtaking! Click here for an exciting game now.

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