Life is a Sequence and So is Rummy! Play Rummy with Ace2three

rummy-ace2threeLife of a human being is a sequence, neither that sequence can be reversed nor makes sense if the phases are jumbled up. From childhood to old age everything happens sequentially. Similarly rummy is also a sequence. The first pure sequence in Rummy is also referred to as ‘Life’. Rummy is a game which is played with 2 sets of cards to make sequences and sets. It just doesn’t require deck of cards but the skills to arrange those cards in a valid sequence.

Ace2three provides the users to test their skills and play rummy online from anywhere and anytime both for free and cash. There are lot of websites which provides online card games like rummy, poker, etc. but as per Supreme Courts orders playing poker and other variants are illegal in India, however the Supreme Court realizes rummy as a ‘game of skills’ hence it’s perfectly legal to play rummy in India.

The websites runs lot of tourney’s like every day free tourney, cash tourney, special tourney which gives the players a chance to win cash prizes. Ace2three also conducts special tourneys on special days and festivals like Diwali, Ugadi, Independence Day etc. where a player has a chance to win cash prizes worth 5 lakh rupees.

Ace2three has its own active YouTube channel through which it tries to communicate the offers to the audience and make them comfortable in using the website to play rummy. The channel has over 20 videos on Ace2three, how to play rummy, how to meld cards and show, rummy experience at

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