Online Rummy For People, The Solo Player has Solitaire!

solitaireCard game for a group? Choose rummy online for multiplied fun!

Now if there was a card game that could make even playing alone feel good, then solitaire it is!!

Solitaire is a one-player game also called ‘Patience’ and aptly so. The games are impossible to crack through sometimes and do test one’s patience.

Unlike the online rummy card game, which calls for several players, some good spirits, and good cash incentives, Solitaire is a solitary pursuit indeed. But not necessarily a drab one. Especially when played online, the computer can be a tough opponent forcing one to the limits of one’s creativity, card game talent, and patience!

Like playing Rummy, Solitaire is played with the standard deck of 52 playing cards.

The objective of the game is to gather cards into four sets. Each set has to be the same suit with the cards arranged in ascending order. The player has to choose moves to rearrange cards based on prescribed restrictions.

With this as the general theme, a myriad variety of Solitaire games is available for players. The internet and downloadable versions too are quite interesting.

Solitaire begins with arranging the cards in what is an interesting layout.  You first place one card with its face up and another six cards next to it in a row with their faces down.

The second time, place one card face up on the second face down card and then place face down cards on the remaining ones. Next, place   a card face up on the third card column from the left and face down cards on the remaining columns. Thus, continue till you arrive at the face-up card on the last column.

The remaining cards go into a neat little pile placed handy next to the arranged cards.

Once this job is done, then you begin playing in earnest. Look for aces in the face-up cards and place them-them above the seven piles. If there are no aces, rearrange cards into columns by moving only the ones that are face up. When you a card goes on top make sure it is a different color than the card before it on top and its value is less than the before card. Continue this way till there are no more cards to move. Finally, the piles you create must be alternating in colour and in a descending value order.

Though the explanation may seem tedious, the game may grow on you as you play.  But for those who like to keep it simple, card games such as online rummy are a comfortable option.

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