Online Rummy v/s Offline Rummy – Know It Better!

The rules of rummy are the same whether you play at an online portal or offline with your friends or relatives. The 13 cards with valid sets beat all the other sets just like in an offline rummy. The ultimate goal of rummy is to extract cash prizes from your opponents at the end of the game – regardless of where you are playing.


The online rummy is much more different from what you had experienced while playing offline. Let’s check out the major differences between online and offline rummy.

You can’t hide your emotions while playing Offline

Few players have the inability to hide their emotions when they get a good hand or a bad one. The inability to hide the expression becomes the evidence for the opponents to judge the cards. This becomes more frustrating for the players as they try their best to win back the losses.

Unlike, online rummy, where a good hand in rummy won’t reveal the chances of your winning and you can play peacefully without worrying about your expressions or feelings.

Different Players, Different Tactics

In online rummy, players don’t have to play against their opponents face to face. Also, the traditional way of playing may leads to the argument between the players, errors in point calculation, bad shuffling of cards, peeping through opponent’s cards and much more.

While online rummy makes this scenario hassle-free by offering various options such as sorting, melding, grouping and easy swipe for drawing & discarding of cards. The shuffling of cards are done by random number generator & it is ensured that the cards are unique, random & unpredictable. Players need not worry about the safety at online portal as fair gameplay policy and high – end security are maintained at its core.

Online rummy is more convenient

Playing rummy card games online is more convenient than playing offline with your friends. You don’t need to get dressed and be ready, all you need to do is turn on your PC/mobile/ tablets and join a table to start playing. There are varied games, multi-table games, and tournaments to play online unlike traditional version where you stick to only one particular game type.

Also, a large number of audience are associated with these online rummy portals and thus games can be played 24*7 online.  The prize pool is also high in the online version and you get a chance to compete with skilled players on the high stake tables.

The Final Words –

Although it’s hard to conclude which one is better, players have their own preferences to play online or offline. But the advantages are more over online rummy than offline. As a new player, online rummy portal welcomes you with upto 100% welcome bonus on your first purchase and offers Rs.25 instant cash bonus on downloading the Rummy App.


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