Play Card Games and Say, ‘bi, bi boredom!’

cardsThrill seekers welcome, your card game high is waiting online.

 “A card game? That too an online version of a card game? Why should I go for it?”…. if this is how your thoughts are going, let us give you some compelling reasons for playing card games.

Card games are guaranteed entertainment:

Whether it is to kill boredom or spend an evening where you don’t have much to do.

Play card games, for entertainment, to find friends and to socialise:

The top most reason for why anyone plays any game is of course entertainment. You can also play online rummy to make friends with common interests.

Apart from expanding your circle, there is certainly something to winning over an absolute stranger at online rummy, isn’t it?

Strategy is involved in card games:

Winning at a game of skill where each player is bent on winning calls for solid strategy. Especially when stakes are high and your strategy succeeds, you can congratulate yourself for smartness!

Card games exercise your mind as much as other board games:

Winning in card games such as rummy or pool is assured when you know two things. The rules and the strategy. And both need you to flex your grey cells as much as possible.

Money is an alluring reason for playing card games:

Most card games are played with money. There are times you will lose and there are times you will gain. But play for fun and you will find every rupee put into card games worthwhile.

Escape from real life:

Psychology gurus say that online games offer an escape from real world issues. This applies to any online games such as rummy too. Winning an online tournament can motivate you greatly and You could use the same confidence in your real life also!

Now come to think of it, do you really need a reason to play any game? We are in it for the fun and not because we are mastering a science of card games.

Don’t need reasons? Then just go straight for your fav card game on

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