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The world woke up to a new reality the year internet was introduced, and our lives have never been the same! Today, everything that was once physical, is now also backed by its virtual counterpart. Be it shopping, dating, banking or even entertainment! And while the rest of the world was slowly but gradually transitioning to the virtual world, how could gaming stay behind?

Online games are all the rage today. With the multitude of digital devices available in the market, people of all age groups and coming from all walks of life can be seen enjoying a quick game on the screen of their liking. And when it comes to gaming genres, we are spoilt for choice! But even amidst all these genres, certain card games emerge as the clear winner. And while the rest of the games may be transitory, here is why we think our favorite game of skill is here to stay:

Readily available opponents: In today’s busy world, it can be quite a task to find opponents to play games against. No longer is it entertaining to play against the computer either. In such a situation, online gaming sites come to the rescue and provide a convenient solution to the problem by making competition available at the click of a button.

Enhanced Decisiveness: The game of rummy requires for one to assess the situation and play his cards as smartly and quickly as possible. Regular indulgence in such skill games contributes positively to the decision making abilities of a person, making him not only better but also quicker at reaching a decision.

Intellect at work: Intellectual skills play a vital role in landing a win at rummy. Prioritizing of cards, keeping an eye out for the required cards, melding, anticipating the move of others, remembering the discarded cards, are certain elements that bring one closer to a win in this ultimate game of skills.

No leaving it to chance: Unlike Poker and a few other card based games, where the outcome of the game is predominantly determined by the cards dealt to a player, in the game of rummy a win is a product of pure skill and no luck.

Online Community: Rummy websites provide a common platform to rummy enthusiasts all across the country. The players get an opportunity to interact with other like-minded individuals, thereby creating a sense of camaraderie. This also serves as the perfect opportunity to learn from the best in the world of rummy!

Escape from the real world: To most of us, games are the perfect escape from a reality filled with stress, responsibilities and deadlines. For those few fleeting moments, it helps us focus on something other than life’s daunting problems. There’s nothing better than a game of rummy at the end of a hectic day at work.

Choice of variants: Owing to the continually evolving features, the rummy enthusiasts today have a plethora of rummy variants to choose from. The final selection of a variant could depend on the player’s personality traits, mood, membership status, skill level and a wide host of other factors.

And the best part, there are exciting prizes to be won! So wait no more, visit today for an unmatched rummy experience. See you at the tables!

Play Indian Rummy Online

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