Play Rummy Online and Dip into a Bag of Festive Goodies!

playrummyFortune has little to do with it…skill is the reason to play rummy online.

‘Play rummy online’ suggests your friend. But you have several doubts. And you may also think of ‘why should I? Especially when I can play it with my friends real time’.

The real time game is a nice experience no doubt. But you must most certainly play online, that too on because of so many reasons. Some of which are listed here.

Play online because of the never heard of cash prizes offered. regularly arranges tourneys and site usage statistics reveal that more than 20 lakh players compete for cash prizes ranging upto Rs.1,00,000. And these Tourneys aren’t only for cash players. Regular Freerolls are conducted once every day and a maximum of 500 players can play each Freeroll and compete for prizes worth Rs. 2,000/- daily.

You could play online rummy because there is little scope for the opponents to cheat you. The gaming software ensures that fair play is maintained. Also, play rummy online because playing is convenient and user friendly.

You could choose to play rummy online for the hassle free everything. From claiming cash winnings, which are automatically credited into your account, everything is transparent and convenient.

Many people play rummy online because it provides a quick and easy way to access break from routine. Whether you want a quick break at work or to while away time on a holiday, this is a convenient option.

And come festival time, rummy sites offer some spectacular prizes. tops the list with its humongous cash prizes. The latest one to finish is the Diwali The Maal tourney offering 10 lakhs in cash!! The recent Independence Day tourney too offered a train blazing sum.

It’s interesting how online rummy is shaping up. Come be a part of it at!!

Play Indian Rummy Online

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