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Picture1‘I am bored’, ‘I have nothing to do’, ‘I want some time off to relax’,  ‘I want to play something online’ and ‘I want to win some cash prizes’. These are a few sentences spoken by all, at least once a day. Be it an IT professional, an education officer, a housewife or an elderly person. What is that one thing which can solve all these problems? What is it that can reduce boredom, entertain people, which is relaxing, have cash prizes involved and is hassle free? It’s nothing but the “Game of Skills – Rummy” at Ace2three.

Rummy is one game which makes each and every Indian nostalgic because at some point in time we all have played Rummy at least once in our lives. The happiness you get when you get a ‘Joker’, the excitement of planning one kind of a sequence and changing it the other moment because the card you want is taken by the opponent player, the thrill of winning and the eagerness to win the next game on loosing.

Rummy can be played 24 x 7 on Ace2three which gives you an online platform to play and hence, everyone can play as per their convenience. It helps the user to learn the “game of skill” by playing instantly with a hassle free process. Ace2three offers 5000 free chips on the registration to play free games and 100% welcome bonus up to Rs. 1000 on the first purchase. Both the registered users and premium users are eligible to play various free roll and cash tourneys every day and win cash prizes worth 25 lakhs monthly and 7 thousand daily.

how-to-play-rummyRummy is a game which can bring smile on each and every face and at Ace2three it can make you win a lot of exiting cash prizes as well. Ace2three brings to you a world class user interface and multiple variants of rummy like points rummy, 201 pool, Best of X, 101 pool, 9 player rummy.

And it doesn’t end here. Ace2three, for the first time in India brings to you the option of playing rummy on move. So now, you can play rummy online, anytime and anywhere at  All this is possible just by installing the mobile app of Ace2three on you smart phones or iPhones.

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Play Indian Rummy Online

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