Play Rummy Online with Your Own Friends at Private Table!

Got a list of buddies with whom you want to play 13 card games online? Well, Invite them at Ace2Three’s Private Table and enjoy the fun of playing rummy games online with your own friends.

play rummy at private tablePrivate Tables gives you a freedom to choose the game type, bet amount, start time of the game and the other various game options. Unlike other, Ace2three gives an opportunity to its rummy players to play rummy card games with your own friends, family or relatives by simply inviting them to the table.

How to Create a Private Table at Ace2Three –

  • Private tables can be created by all the Ace Level players by simply clicking on “Create Table” button in the Lobby section.
  • The player creating the table or the Moderator has to select the Game Type, Bet value, the start of the game and other optional game choices.
  • At last, the moderator needs to set a passcode for the Private Table created by him/her.

How to Invite Your Friends?

  • The moderator shall click on “Invite Players” option and enter their nickname or registered the phone number with Ace2Three.
  • The invited players will receive an email or SMS about the Private table invitation


  • The moderator will receive an SMS or Email about the Table ID & Passcode which can be shared with his/her friends through any of the messaging channels.

How to Join a Table?

  • Players who got an invitation by Ace2Three can see the invited private table is added to their private table section in the lobby. Click on “Join” button to be a part of the table.
  • Players who received the table ID & Passcode by the moderator, can search the table with the Table ID and enter the passcode to join the table.

Isn’t this exciting to play with your own members at a single table over digital platform? Invite your friends at Ace2Three to play the fun game and bring back the old memories. Playing rummy online has its own benefit as cards will be shuffled by Random number generator, sorting, and grouping of cards will be easy with a single click and there will be no cheating on seeing each other cards. And, most importantly, the platform is 100% safe & secure to play.

Also, earn referral bonus on bringing your friends on board. Play with your friends and be skillful together!

Terms and Conditions –

  • The moderator is solely responsible for any fraudulent activity if any happen on Private Table.
  • Ace2Three reserves the right to block any of the players, if necessary.


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