Play XMAS Special Back to Back Rummy Tourneys and Win Cash Prizes has borrowed gift ideas from Santa!! 3 lakhs in cash for everyone who will participate in the XMAS Special Mega Freeroll Tourneys on Christmas Day!

Yes. 3 lakhs is the winning cash amount for the one who wins in this spectacular festive Rummy Tournament spree. These 3 lakhs are not for a single Tourney but over two rummy tournaments. One is for Rs 1 Lakh and another for Rs 2 lakh. Even if you do not win cash in the first one, the second one is always there to crack and win on this Christmas!

The best part?  These tourneys are back to back. You simply don’t have to wait over a few days to test your skills and luck across a couple of tourneys. The XMAS Special Mega Freeroll Tourneys ensures thrilling results for every rummy fan who has the ability to a) maintain an upbeat tempo throughout the double tourneys and b) who will persist through even through the very last leg on Christmas Day.

In short, it calls for maintaining your energies and ‘never say die’ attitude. Don’t skip away because you lost one tourney. Who knows what the next deal could bring. After all, fortune, they say, favours not just the brave but the persistent and patient too!

Inspite of all this talk about winning 3 lakhs in the XMAS Special Mega Freeroll Tourneys, we still believe that a true-to-rummy-at-heart rummy fan would play more for the spirit of the game. And so what if you don’t win this time. Consider the huge line up of tourneys up to New Year. has lined up a total of ten tourneys till 1st January 2014, each one worth cash winnings of I lakh!! The topping is the Rs 5 lakh tourney on New Year Day. throws open ample opportunities to win. Test your might at the XMAS Special Mega Freeroll Tourneys! Sign up now

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