Quirky Approach to Become the Master of Rummy Game!

master the rummy game

Practice, Perform, Improve & Repeat –

“Practice makes perfect” we all have heard this expression many times and the same applies to the game of Rummy. This 13 card game has simple rules to follow but to become the master, it requires hours of practice, watchful eyes and your real-time skills on the table. Learn the basics of the game and practice free games to understand how to form a valid set in rummy.

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Same Rules, Distinct Flavors –

The basic rule is the foundation of any game. The best thing about rummy is the rules remain same across any game type. The three widely popular rummy game types are Points Rummy, Pool Games, and Deals Rummy and the interesting fact about them is the basics are same with a little twist to the game. Let’s understand them briefly –

  1. Points Rummy – It is considered as the fastest form of rummy where the winner takes all the cash prizes depending on the bet value and count. More skill is required to play this type as each game lasts for only one deal.
  2.  Pool Games –A popular game type categorized into – 101 & 201 Pool game where the motive is to maintain a minimum score to be the winner of the game. Players whose score reaches above 101 or 201 will be eliminated from the game & the one with the minimum score will be the winner.
  3.  Deals Rummy –A type where every game is played for a certain deal (Best of 2 and Best of 3) and at the end of the game the player with the lesser value will be considered as the winner of the game. In the case of a tie, another round is conducted.

Simple Strategy, Quick Action –

In this section, will be discussing the little-known tricks of the game & the silly mistakes to avoid while playing rummy online.

Follow these simple rules –

  • Always aim for Pure Sequence first
  • Take the advantage of Joker & cut-joker to form another non-pure sequence.
  • Avoid high-value cards such as A, K, Q, and J as the penalty is high for these cards.
  • Quit the game if the cards are not favorable.
  • Do not chase too many loses if lost few; take a break & come back with a fresh mind.
  • Set a time limit for playing
  • Play rummy games responsibly.

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