Rules for Rummy Game to Begin

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Rummy rules are for your immediate attention if the card game makes you want to win each time. And rummy rules are for you if you don’t want to wait to gain experience over a period and are on the lookout for a successful shortcut.

Many people get into the rummy card game out of curiosity and then get hooked on to the game. And once you are highly engaged with the card game, the desire to win and secure cash prizes is induced.  This is not uncommon in games where several people are involved and competition is inevitable.

In such a scenario, the knowledge of rummy rules can place you safely above competition.

Rummy Rules: A simple reckoner:

Rummy as a card game is as simple as it is interesting. The game is played with two decks of cards with one joker present in each deck. Each deck has 13 cards across 4 different suits. These cards rank in ascending order beginning with A, 2,3 and ending with 10, J, Q,K. The lettered cards i.e A, J, Q, K possess a value of 10 while the other cards have a value equal to their number.

Rules for rummy game to begin:

Rummy rules require that each player be dealt with 13 cards at the beginning of the card game. This is called the deal. The player who wants to have first go has to draw out a card from the pile of remaining cards and this becomes the joker. Apart from the real joker, this joker can also be used to complete sets and sequences in the game but not the life.

Here are Game of rummy rules for the crux of the game:

The core of the game is the life set or life sequence. The 13 cards may be arranged into sets or sequences. Set is a combination of three cards with the same face value but from different suits. A sequence is an arrangement of cards in ascending or descending order from the same suit. To make a valid arrangement as per rummy rules, a player needs to have at least one pure set or sequence, ie one arrangement which is made without using the joker. This is called the life set or life sequence.

This being the ultimate aim of the game, players go about drawing and discarding from the pile of unused cards to get this arrangement right. The player who manages to make this first is the winner. But in case a player wants to opt out, he can drop from the game but before he draws a card.

Rummy rules are simple enough. Winning cash in this card game is possible by getting the rules right and by following strategies which will ensure you win.

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