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Rummy app on mobiles makes rummy truly mobile! makes your rummy game go with you, wherever you do, through its handy rummy mobile app.

Download this rummy app for free on your mobile or tablet and you can play rummy endlessly. Whether you possess an iOS or Android device, the rummy app is designed for both.  The user interface is so comfortable, even newbies have no problem playing rummy on it and the dynamic 3D graphics provide super visual rummy.

The mobile rummy app is not just technically sound. It also brings most of the zing from onto the mobile version. In fact most of the rummy card game facilities have been smoothly carried over from the site for the benefit of the mobile rummy player. Both 2-player and 6-player games are available through the mobile rummy app and players can enjoy Points Rummy, 101 Pool, 201 Pool, Best of 2 and Best of 3 as well. That only goes to say that there is no compromise for the earnest rummy player if the card game is played on mobile through this rummy app.

The mobile rummy app is only ‘Play for fun’, which means there is no real cash involved. Gamers can use only play chips and there are no real chips or real monies.  For the real game and cash winnings, players can always revert to

The card game site in fact has struck gold again with this app. Created to fulfil the card gamers’ need for a mobile version, this app is indeed handy when one is traveling or waiting or simply to while away an idle hour. The portability of mobiles makes gaming on them convenient and rummy on mobiles is no different. Though it only deals in Playchips for now, given the zeal has displayed for the game so far, players are bound to soon have a real version of the app.

With this rummy app, Ace2three has yet again demonstrated that it knows the pulse of the contemporary rummy player and is poised to cater to the same. Like all card game products from the site, this rummy mobile too is making market sensation even before it is a few months old.

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