Rummy & IPL T20 – Where Thrill Matters

250x250We have seen how the popularity of cricket has grown in recent times with the evolution of short form of the game. Yes, we are talking about the same what you are thinking. Its T20 cricket format which has changed the entire game like anything.  When the one day internationals have made the crowd to feel boring and painful in the modern life style, T20 have changed the entire scene with loads of fun in no time.

With the inception of IPL T20, Indian crowd has gone mad as the tourney started delivering mind blowing games where Thrilling performances changed the results. IPL is well known not only India but the whole world has its eye on the popular tourney. In fact it’s the Thrilling moments which has brought the name to it.

There is one more game which deliver the same experience of Thrill from the oldest times. Indian traditions have kept a special note for the same. Yes its 13 Card Game popularly known as Rummy. The Rummy games are part of entertainment tradition on special occasion. Rummy is also gained the popularity as the game offers the Thrilling experience maximizing the fun.

Rummy popularity has lost the charm as the busy schedules and non-availability of fun environment became obstacles in the modern life style. Online Rummy, clearing all the obstacles once again made the game popular. As the Online rummy portals have plenty to offer for card game lovers.

Major obstacles like Physical environment and availability of players are nullified making the game available on any time anywhere. Rummy Portals like have started offering wide variety of rummy games which are there in offline. In fact there are many more new varieties are also introduced on online rummy platforms.

Online rummy evolution once again brought back the thrilling card game experience to players and special cash prizes has added another reason to celebrate. With special rummy tourneys, Rummy portals are also offering lakhs of cash prizes for the players. Players now not only enjoy the thrill game but also winning cash prizes for having fun.  Online Rummy popularity in India has now reached to new level with the introduction of mobile apps too.

The success of Online Rummy and IPL T20 Cricket is all about the fun and thrilling experience. When both comes together it will be out and out entertainment. As the new IPL 2014 season is getting ready, its time for us to enjoy the mega thrilling experience.

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