Rummy Rules, Tips n’ Tricks

“Don’t know” is no excuse anymore. Get rummy rules here and get cracking.

Once you know rummy rules like the back of your hand, you have no business with luck. And that is not an exaggeration.

Rummy rules are not officially dictated by anyone. They vary from context to context and rules of the game are decided by the group you are playing with at that moment.

Rules for rummy are also indicated in websites that offer online rummy games.  These are the guidelines for playing rummy on that site. In any case, these rules don’t seem to vary vastly from one site to another. A working knowledge of rummy and a quick glance at the particular site’s rule book should equip you to play and win. Here is a rummy rules excerpt from

Rummy rules at

Rummy Rules at are segregated under the ‘Classical Indian Rummy’ and ‘101 National Game’ heads.

Classical Indian Rummy typically has two sets of cards and two jokers. Beginning with Ace, the cards are ranked from low to high with 10 followed by K, Q, and J. Each player is served 13 cards and the rest are un-dealt cards which the players can form. The player needs to group or meld cards into Lives and Sets for a successful show.

One pure Life is compulsory. The Full Count or maximum possible score for one round here is 80. A player who drops or middle drops needs to be aware of the scores attached to each.  Several pictorial examples of correct and wrong grouping are given in the site for players’ benefit.

101 National Game too uses the same two sets of cards but has only one joker. This joker is drawn from the cards remaining after serving hands to the players called a ‘Cut joker’. Cards of the same rank and opposite colour are used as jokers. Scores for middle drop and drop apply to this game and the Full Count is the sum of all cards with the player. Examples are available on for further reference.

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