Rummy The King of all Card Games!

rummy-gamesGames have traditionally been associated only with fun and entertainment but online sites like prove that gaming is not just for fun but also to win cash. Rummy in India is classified as a skill game and hence is legal.

Online rummy games: The major ones

The Indian Classic Rummy – This is also called the 13 card rummy which is played between 2-6 players using two decks of cards. Each player is dealt 13 cards out of which they have to make groups of 3-4 cards as sequences (lives) or sets. This type of rummy is considered to be a combination of two other forms of rummy called the 500 run and Gin Rummy. This game involves the use of jokers or wildcards.

Most online rummy portals offer three types of rummy games

Points Rummy

Points rummy is the quickest form of rummy and hence very exciting. Each game lasts for just one round and the person with zero points is the winner, he/she gets the chips from all others and wins based on the value of bets decided at the start of the game. The bet value can be high, low or medium hence enabling a person to win a lot during a short span of time.

Pool Rummy

Pool Rummy also known as syndicate is a highly competitive kind of rummy where the aim of each player is to keep the scores at a minimum level. Once a player crosses the level that has been set he/she is eliminated. The last remaining player is declared the winner.

Multi Table Rummy

Multi table rummy is an offering of people can participate in multiple tournaments simultaneously. A larger number of players get to play against each other in this format. Players who are eliminated can choose to re-enter by paying a certain amount This allows multiple options to continue playing for a longer time.

Ace2Three 101 National

Ace2Three offers a unique rummy variant called 101 National Rummy for all its users. Players can enjoy the unique rummy variant only at Ace2Three.

To tickle your brain cells and master a skill all you have to do is go to

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