Some Interesting Facts about Indian Rummy to Know!

Playing card games is legal in some countries and for some, it’s just a part of their lifestyle. Some consider as a favorite time pass activity while some love to play, bcos it’s a “mind- game”. No doubt, we all have played rummy card games once in our lives with our relatives, friends or in some special occasions.

Indian rummy facts

We can’t deny the fun we always have while playing card games. And, so we’ve got you some facts about 13 card games to know –

Popularity –

Indian Rummy is the third most popular card games after Poker and Teen Patti. That simply means rummy is played by a large number of people irrespective of the age group.  In early days, there was a myth that only rich people can play Rummy, but the myth is now busted as rummy can be accessed by anyone. And with the online platform, the rummy games can be played 24*7 through mobile, desktops or tablets.

Game Variants –

There are at least 20 variations of Rummy and there are some other card games derived from it. Although the word “Rummy” is famous for “Gin Rummy” in North America & the term is applicable to a large family of games like Canasta and Mahjong.

Some of the common variations of Rummy include – 500 Rummy, Gin Rummy, Dummy Rummy, Canasta, Indian Rummy, and much more…

Rummy – A Brain game –

To win a round of the game, the player needs to arrange the 13 cards into particular sets or sequences & thus playing rummy games requires mental agility to form those sets. To master the skills of Rummy, its requires hours of practice, reading hands, guessing opponents cards and remembering the cards discarded or picked from the pile.

Playing 13 card games helps in building up your memory power, boost your mood, gives you a mental break from your hectic schedule and relaxes your mind. Even it is found that playing rummy games helps in social interaction with people who share a common interest.

Online Rummy – A Perfect Place for Rummy Players

With the availability of the internet, everything is now accessible with a single click & so the rummy game is. Online rummy can be played 24*7 and that too anytime anywhere. You just need a mobile phone or tablets and an internet connection for playing rummy. Thanks to Ace2Three – the largest, oldest and the most trusted online rummy portal where more than 7 million subscribed players are actively participating in games & tournaments and are satisfied with the rewards & features.

Wrapping Up –

Explore the exciting world of rummy card games with Ace2Three where different flavors of Rummy such as Pool games, Points Rummy, Deals Rummy, Gun Shot and private tables are waiting for you to play unlimited games as much as you want. Try your hands on 13 card rummy with real players & be one of the happy and satisfied players.

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