Points Rummy

Breaking down the Most Popular Online Rummy Variants!

A Note on Names To learn the variants of rummy, first, try to understand the basic rules of the rummy game & how to form a valid set. In every rummy game type, 13 cards are dealt to each player… Read Full Article

Choose Your Favorite Rummy Variants & Kick Start the Game!

The online rummy portal gives you an opportunity to try different flavors of rummy with millions of real players who are happily enjoying the rummy services. Enjoy the rummy variants at your fingertips by simply downloading the Indian Rummy App… Read Full Article

Rummy The King of all Card Games!

Games have traditionally been associated only with fun and entertainment but online sites like www.ace2three.com prove that gaming is not just for fun but also to win cash. Rummy in India is classified as a skill game and hence is… Read Full Article