Teen Patti or Rummy?

teenpattiMany a Teen Patti or Bridge may call you….but online Rummy’s charms apparently multiply! Internet literature suggests that Rummy perhaps has one of the longest histories as a card game across the world. Other card games may not enjoy the same reputation. Be it history or complexity, let’s see how Rummy fares in comparison with Teen Patti, a popular card game.

The game of Teen Patti varies from rummy Right from the word go. The Teen Patti game Originated in India but Rummy did not, though both card games are popular in the country.

Widely considered to be one of the oldest card games in the world, Teen Patti goes back to the time when gods and demons lived in the Indian sub continent. Legend has it that the game thrived during the reign of Kamsa, the demon king of Mathura. It is believed Lord Krishna curbed these social evils by killing Kamsa. Perhaps that explains why the game is still played prior to Janmashtami in North India. Teen Patti has evolved to become one of the most popular online card games in the world today. While Rummy does not boast of such mythical origins, it certainly does have extensive history and more fanfare today!

Cards are dealt counter clockwise in Teen Patti while clockwise dealing happens in Rummy. And before it begins, Teen Patti mandates that players put up a boot amount.

A boot amount or ante is a collection of monetary contribution made by each player. This may be a prefixed amount or a blind bet. Rummy does not make it compulsory for players to shell out a sum before the game starts. Besides the boot, the betting limits, game moves, ranking of hands all vary to some extent from Rummy. One of the critical differences is that each bet is a new bet irrespective of the previous bid in Teen Patti unlike Rummy.

It is also widely held that Teen Patti is more of a game of choice. Rummy on the other hand requires the player to possess skill at the game and strategise but appears less complex.

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