The Biggest Diwali TheMaal in the history of Online Rummy

 Biggest Diwali TheMaal Rummy TourneyIts 20 Lakhs and no less. Ace2Three breaks all records this Diwali. All rummy players, here’s informing you about the irresistible cash prize run up to Diwali.

Ace2Three is offering a festive burst of tourneys and cash prizes amounting to a mammoth Rs.20 Lakhs. From 23rd October onwards, each day will see a fresh rummy tourney for a cash prize of Rs 1 Lakh. And Rs 1 Lakh a day has been unheard of till now in online rummy history.

That makes it a total of 10 tourneys till 1st November amounting to a breathtaking 10 Lakh prize pool. Players are being offered this incredible amount which is indeed the gold star in rummy cash winning offered ever.

What’s more. The cash festivity does not end there. If the run up to Diwali offers Rs 1 Lakh cash prize each day, the Biggest Diwali “The Maal” Mega Tourney on 2nd November is offering a majestic 10 Lakhs grand prize in just one tourney. Just make your first purchase and get a free entry into the mega tourney.

In short, is showering players with 20 Lakhs in cash this Diwali. This is indeed an opportunity straight from the books of the Goddess of Wealth. Make the best use of it. No other online rummy gaming site is giving players this amazing prospect.

So, ramp up your rummy skills now. Register and play online rummy at Ace2Three today and practise well before the frenzy begins. With your rummy knowledge enhanced, you are bound to win some of the bounty promised. And since cash prizes are lined up for 10 days, there is a fair chance of winning if you are a good rummy player.

Incredible Rs 20 Lakhs waiting for you. Register and play Biggest Diwali TheMaal Rummy Tourney now. Come, join us for an incredible journey.

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