The Next 5 Things You Should Know about Indian Mobile Gaming Market!

Unlike earlier, today every technology companies are focusing on mobile & providing a satisfactory mobile experience to its customer. Revenue generation & traffic growth are higher in smartphones compared to PC and Tablets and hence the implications are clear – to reach the target audience one need to provide a mobile satisfactory experience.

Indian mobile gaming market

Smartphone user has increased & thus there is a change in the lifestyle of using phones & tablets.  A large part of the user spends their leisure time on smartphones for playing games. As mobile devices continue to grow, here is everything one should know about Indian Mobile Gaming Market –

1.) Strong Revenue Market

India is considered to be the next powerhouse market for the mobile gamers. According to a report from Nasscom, approximately 40 to 50 million people play games on their smartphones and feature phones and the current mobile gaming revenue is estimated to be $150 million across all revenue models.

2.) Smart Phones & Tablet Users Increased

With the massive availability of smartphones & tablets, customers feel the power of computing games are in their hands. With everything accessible from the ease of fingertips, the gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing segments in India.

3.) Local v/s Foreign Games

Indian Gamers are very much fond of foreign games like angry birds, temple run, candy crush, subway surfers etc… These western games have taken the gaming industry by storm & that’s the reason Indian gaming industry has introduced traditional Games like Teen Patti & Rummy to compete with the western world. With the introduction of these games, Indian Gaming companies are trying to reconnect the common man with the long lost traditional games.

4.) Strong Users of Android devices – Yo! Go Ahead

Indian customers generally prefer Android OS devices more than any other. Around 81% of the customers are Android users in India & iOS has slightly more than 15%. Google Play ranks on the top position and is the largest app market for the number of downloads.  India is among the top 5 countries with most number of downloads on Google Play.

5.) Localize your Games to Capture the Indian Gamer Attention –

More than 100 languages are spoken throughout India & Hindi is the most widely used language by over 24 crores people. India is a rich market for gaming industry & thus in order to run any gaming app successfully, one need to follow the key tactic of translating the app into regional languages & promoting the same.

Summing Up –

With so much craze for western games, the traditional Indian games were lost somewhere. And, to connect Indian Gamers with the long lost games, Ace2Three was launched – An Indian Rummy card game that can be played online with real players. Rummy, being the most popular 13 card game is now digitalized and can be played anytime & anywhere!

Over all, India will continue to be the fastest growing companies in terms of Gaming Industry sector.  And the coming generations will not only require engaging gamers but also there will be the huge demand for professionals like Game developers, game designers & the marketers.

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