Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Games

Looking to step up your game? You’ve come to the right place! Like with all things in life, there is no shortcut to success in rummy card game either. However, having a few tricks up your sleeves could put you at an advantage and give you an upper hand over the other players. Below are some tips that will help you play your cards right and bring you closer to a win:

rummy-tips-and-tricksAim for the run: The prime focus of any player in the game of rummy should be to make a pure sequence. Doing so would help cut the losses even if you lose the game. Once this is taken care of, you can move onto the other things. While it is a common practice for most players to make a sequence with 3 cards, the possibility of making a sequence with 4 cards is an option that is often overlooked. This could be your Joker in the pack, which could eventually help you win the game!

The more, the merrier: While you might be done making one sequence, going for a second one is always a good idea. The point to keep in mind is that at least one of the sequences should be a pure sequence, whereas the other can utilize a Joker.

Discard high-point cards: The cards- King, Queen, Jack and Ace are your greatest enemies in the game of rummy, unless being used in a sequence. These cards carry the highest points (10 points each) and will increase your count if you lose. The trick is to discard these cards early in the game. In an event where the opponent declares and you have some high point cards sitting idle, you can consider using the Joker to make a sequence of these high point cards, to minimize your losses.

One’s trash, another’s treasure: Having a good memory can work to your advantage in the game of rummy. Keep an eye on the cards picked by your opponent to get a clue about the possible sets/sequences he might be making. If possible, try hoarding the cards close to the ones being picked so as to keep him from completing his sequence/set.

Baiting and fishing: It is safe to assume that like you, even your opponent will be keeping a track of the cards picked or discarded by you. This sets the ground for ‘baiting’! You can use your cards to trick your opponent into discarding a particular card that you require.

Alternate colors: Alternating the colors helps one easily distinguish between different suits and makes game play much easier. By following a Black-Red-Black-Red or a Red-Black-Red-Black approach, you can easily locate idle cards and steer clear of discarding an important card.

Waiting for forever: The most important tip to remember is to never wait too long for a card. It is always a wise idea to constantly reevaluate your cards in an attempt to try and come up with other possible combinations.

So wait no longer! Employ these tricks in your card game play and see your performance improve by leaps and bounds. Register at Ace2three and start playing NOW. See you at the tables!

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