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rummy-gamesAs an online game, rummy has long been favored by many players over other card game types. Apart from rummy games, online card game sites offer a variety of playing card options; solitaire, teen patti, bridge, poker games, the list is quite an interesting one.

But rummy comes up as the clear winner among the card game options available today. The card game’s versatile methodology is the simplest reason why people find it likeable and even develop a passion for the game in the long run. Online Rummy games are typically played amongst more than two people and the rules of the game are pretty straightforward.

In any online rummy game, the standard 52 card deck is used and each player is dealt with 13 cards. There is one joker of course and the players need to arrange the 13 cards in sets or sequences. One pure sequence is a must in any version of the rummy game. Called a Life, this sequence, is nothing but cards of the same suit arranged in ascending or descending orders. The set is composed of cards of the same value but different sets. When put together quickly, before the other players at the table do so, these sequences and suits make up the winning arrangement in an online game of rummy.

Well, that was only the nutshell version of online rummy. The game certainly has other intricacies as do all other games. You can shine at online rummy once you master strategy learnt over hours of playing online rummy game.  A shrewd attitude, a balanced head and a hand that is willing to serve out a card only after due thought are hallmarks of a cool rummy player.

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