Win 30 Lakhs Cash Prizes – Diwali Knockout Rummy Tournament

201 Pool Rummy Tourney opens the doors to win up to 30 Lakh Cash prizes on Diwali! Like always brings you a ‘dhamakedaar’ tourney and an equally grand cash prize for 30 lakhs and no less.

This 201 Pool Tourney for Diwali is in two steps – Qualify first and then challenge the Finals. These two steps, one leading to the other ensures that only the titans clash with fiery Diwali spirit. Card games are staple to Indian Diwali and is of course doing a total revamp of this trend with this 201 Pool Rummy Tourney!


“Qualify for the Diwali Knockout Rummy Tourney rightaway….don’t wait to win!” is the motto for Diwali at the rummy game site. Tourney Qualifiers Start from 13th Oct and last till 24th October. This awesome tournament is accessible only at Rs.50 Entry Fee. 3000 Participants will be welcomed to play and 500 Winners will win 1.5 Lakh cash prizes every day as well as Entry to Final 1! All that is needed is Rs 50 and a zeal to triumph over 30 lakhs! thinks about freebies also so that no one is disappointed. Free Entry Qualifiers are on 18th& 24th October and Winners will get entry to Final 1. For the super nimble fingers at 201 pool rummy, getting to Final 1 absolutely free is absolutely easy!

Details of the Qualifier Schedule, are available here.

The second step, the Finals for the Grand 201 Pool Rummy Tournament are truly sumptuously arranged! There are4 Finals and 1 Grand Final from 25th& 26th.  For each Final round beginning with  Final 1, the entry fee goes up from Rs 100 onwards while max participants number goes down to 36 at Final 4. The number of winners too goes down with each Final round to 6 at the Final 4.  These 6 will collide at the Grand Final for 2 lakhs! Thus each Final round and the 201 Pool Diwali Knockout Rummy Tournament is designed to induce an adrenaline rush and glory and monies!

Final Schedule details are here:

final_scheduleFor everyone who is bored with the domestic card games, this Diwali indeed poses a real challenge at Riding on the suspense at each final round, winning cash at each one and then, the grand final pitch for the Grand 2 lakhs is purely a gift from the gods this season.

The Gods of Wealth want 201 pool players to win this Diwali, welcomes winners with 30 lakhs to the Diwali Knockout Rummy Tournament!

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