Win 5 Lakh Cash Prizes at Ace2Three Monthly Free Rummy Tourney

5 lakh freeroll rummy tourneyWith the evolution of new generation gaming portals, now most of the traditional games which are absent in the hectic modern lifestyle are back in the form of online games. Especially traditional card games are now taking renaissance on internet as they are accessible any time anywhere to play with no hassle. Cash prizes attached to games are amassed the attractiveness of card games to new level.

13 card Indian rummy played with 2 deck of cards, maximum of 6 and a minimum of 2 players.  Players have to arrange cards into multiple sequences and sets. To win a game, a player needs two sequences and at least one of them should be a pure sequence without joker. The rest of cards can be arranged either in sets or sequences with or without jokers. provides a platform for all the people in India to play rummy online both for free and cash. It has multiple rummy variants and conducts various tourneys online.

Rummy lovers can play their favorite games like 101 Pool, 201 Pool rummy, Points Rummy and Best of 3 Rummy games. Adding to these Ace2three also offer 9 player rummy tables and win more! All the games are available to play for cash and free as well.

Tournament is a format where large number of players compete against each other. Every tourney contains certain number levels and on each level players with least score or fixed cut off are eliminated. In the final level, Players with high number of points will won the tourney first prize. Each tourney contains limited player slots and the cash prizes are distributed among Top players (limit will vary based on tourney rules & regulations.) Ace2three runs lot of tourneys’ like every day freeroll tourney, cash tourney, special tourney which gives the players a chance to win cash prizes.

5 Lakh Free roll Tourney

Ace2Three conducts different types of free roll tourneys throughout the month starting with daily Freeroll tourney which carries Rs.50000 cash prizes.  Not only daily Freeroll tourneys, Ace2Three has special weekly and monthly Freeroll tourneys with lakhs of cash prizes. Weekly Freeroll tourney is scheduled on every Saturday with 5000 Participants where Top 200 players will win cash prizes. Monthly Freeroll tourney scheduled on every last Sunday of the month where 10000 participants will compete to win 5 Lakh cash prizes.

The big day for winning free cash prizes is just few days away! Join April Month’s Biggest Freeroll tourney, 27th April 3 PM, 10000 Participants, Top 500 Players will win cash prizes. Ace2Three made the dream come true with regular free rummy tournament sharing 5 Lakh cash prizes to winners. Entry to tourney is absolutely free.

How to Join

The first time player has to just register at the website and the returning players to login and register for the tourney and show the skills and enthusiasm in the game to win it. Registered users will be allowed to browse entire site and gaming lobby. Hurry, Join Freeroll rummy tourney now, Visit the

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