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play and win cashAn Indian rummy site designed for Indian rummy lovers. That is The motto of the site can easily be phrased as ‘Win Cash India’ owing to the plethora of opportunities the site offers to rummy fans.

Indian Rummy as it is popularly known is a rummy variant with its roots in India. With a strong following, the game is now making waves in its online avatar. has long since been offering this game so that Indian fans can rake up cash winnings.

Indian Rummy or 13 card rummy is only one of the multiple games the site offers. There are Pool Rummy, 101 National, 201 National, Points Rummy and other options for players to choose from.

To make ‘Win Cash India’ a reality, players need to combine efforts with the online rummy site. Let’s take the example of Ganesh Kumar who is a loyal rummy player This guy is the typical Indian Rummy player who has chosen the game for its simplicity and hence the greater opportunity to win cash.

To win cash, Ganesh Kumar has learnt and perfected several strategies. These rummy strategies can be applied to any card game and have been perfected by him over an extensive period. Ganesh Kumar shares his rummy game plan here:

–         To Win Cash at Indian Rummy, keep your eyes peeled. Unlike the offline version where you can predict opponent behavior, there is little scope for you to figure out the opponent’s mind. You can’t see his face, you cannot peep over his shoulder, and you cannot do nothing but be very very alert.

–         Win Cash in India’s 13 cards Rummy by making sure you drop cards cleverly. Just like you are watching your opponent, he is watching you too.

–         Make sure you adopt varying tactics for the game so that the opponent finds it difficult to associate a particular style with you

–         Also remember what cards the opponents discard and what cards you have discarded to your immediate player

Play like this and you will ‘Win Cash India’, he calls to all Indian Rummy players. Kumar need not be the only successful rummy player who has picked up voluminous cash winnings. You too can! Go to and make good use of the opportunities there.

After all, at, ‘Win Cash India’ is not just a slogan but a call to all who are in love with the game and would like to win some more.

For more such fab detail log on to and Win Cash India!!

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