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Rummy and cash go hand in hand and if you are dealt a good hand, nothing else matters!

Rummy tops the list!

Rummy is among the most popular of card games and has retained its popularity over the years. In fact, the launch of the online version of the game by Ace2three has only made it more popular as people can play the game from the comfort of their homes or offices and without having to go meet their card-buddies physically.

Rake in the cash!

The best part about rummy is that it is almost always played for cash. In India, people play it for stakes depending on their budget. It is considered very auspicious to play card games especially on Diwali. Winners on this day believe that they will be blessed with abundant wealth and prosperity all year-round by the goddess of wealth.

Sharpen your game!

Ace2three gives you the opportunity of playing with experts and seasoned rummy players whom you would otherwise not be able to play with. Winning against such opponents gives you a high. Because it is online and people are in different locations, the chances of cheating or fraud are mitigated.

Rummy options galore!

Ace2three offers several means through which players can win cash by playing the rummy game online. There are several regular and premium tournaments (or tourneys as they are called) available at different times every day for people to participate in and win cash prizes.

Flexible payment options!

Ace2three offers many standard and flexible modes of payment for the purchase of chips and payment online, these include credit cards, debit cards, netbanking, cash cards, MOL and also cash on delivery. All transactions are very safe and encrypted.

The cash prizes that are won can be converted to real cash and transferred directly to your bank account.

All in all Ace2three has built a gaming platform that provides a wonderful means of entertainment as well as winning cash for rummy lovers everywhere.

Are you ready to play Ace2three Rummy and win? Deal now and make your fortune!

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